ASME PTC 12.2-2010 (R2020)



ASME PTC 12.2-2010 (R2020)


Steam Surface Condensers
standard by ASME International, 09/30/2010



The long awaited revision of PTC 12.2 presents a more practical approach to the testing of Steam Surface Condensers, while being updated with current condenser test technology. Whereas the previous edition was mainly focused on conducting a rigorous full-scale acceptance test, the current edition includes a less rigorous test that would also be considered as an acceptance test. This will lead to more cost-effective testing that can be conducted on a regular basis to facilitate contractual and purchase agreements among all parties.

This performance test code establishes equipment performance metrics with the philosophy of promoting testing. It also provides a slight relaxation of the allowable test conditions and requirements. For higher levels of accuracy, the Alternative Test, contained in the Appendix, can be performed in lieu of this new Test.

PTC 12.2 has been the standard performance test code used world-wide wherever power plants are located. This code was developed by end-users, manufacturers, design engineers and general interest groups for both domestic and international companies.

Intended for test engineers, operators of power plants, plant engineers, plant safety engineers, process engineers, A/E, condenser manufacturers, third-party testing agencies, and anyone who specifies condenser testing in commercial documents.

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