ISPE GAMP RDI Good Practice Guide: Data Integrity – Key Concepts



ISPE GAMP RDI Good Practice Guide: Data Integrity – Key Concepts


Handbook / Manual / Guide by International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, 10/01/2018



The ISPE GAMP® RDI Good Practice Guide: Data Integrity ? Key Concepts provides detailed practical guidance to support data integrity within a regulated organization.

In recent years significant problems with data integrity have been found in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries worldwide. This ultimately affects patients, as patient safety is intrinsically impacted by the integrity and quality of the data on which a regulatory decision is based.

Additionally, the implementation of behavioral, procedural, and technical solutions to meet regulatory requirements throughout the business process proves to be challenging for organizations that do not have expertise in incorporating data integrity into their daily activities.

This Guide integrates tools such as Cultural Excellence and critical thinking skills into data integrity practices to aid companies in meeting regulatory requirements and expectations. Numerous examples of good data integrity practices along with ways to identify risks and detect issues are included to assist organizations in developing or raising their data integrity awareness.

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