Composite and Bonded Structure Technician/Specialist Training Document
standard by SAE International, 09/19/2018



SAE AIR4938C establishes the minimum curriculum requirements for training, practical assessments, and certifying composite structure repair personnel and metalbond repair personnel. It establishes criteria for the certification of personnel requiring appropriate knowledge of the technical principles underlying the composite structural repairs and/or metalbond they perform. Persons certified under this document may be eligible for licensing/certification/qualification by an appropriate authority, in addition to this industry accepted technician certification.

Teaching levels have been assigned to the curriculum to define the knowledge, skills, and abilities graduates will need to make repairs to composite or metalbond structure. Minimum hours of instruction have been provided to ensure adequate coverage of all subject matter including lecture and laboratory. These minimums may be exceeded and may include an increase in the total number of training hours and/or increases in the teaching levels.

Each curriculum is a subpart of this document.

Part 1 is the General Composite Structure Bonded Repair curriculum, independent of the application.

Part 2 is the Commercial Aircraft Composite Structure Bonded Repair curriculum.

Part 3 is the Commercial Aircraft Composite Structure Bolted Repair curriculum.

Part 4 is the Commercial Aircraft Structure Metalbond Repair curriculum.

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